WHO WE ARE and Our Mission To Help Dogs in Need!

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our journey.

For over a decade we have worked tirelessly helping California's homeless and orphaned dogs. Like many others, we began by rescuing our own personal dogs and cats.  It was then, when we saw first hand the horrific conditions in California animal shelters, we knew we wanted to do more.  In 2011, we founded an all volunteer, non profit dog rescue, "Lucky Pup Dog Rescue".

Since that time, we've saved several hundred dogs, most considered unadoptable, many with major health issues that no one else would even consider saving. We've rescued dogs with broken bones, distemper, parvo virus, severe neglect, starvation, pregnancy, parasites,horrid dental issues as well as physically abused dogs. We've saved dogs of all sizes and breeds. We've nurtured them, healed and loved them, then found amazing homes for them.  We currently have several "forever fosters" along with a few other rescues.  Six all together, who call us mom and dad.

Along the way, we've even been able to help other small struggling rescues with donations and support who are working along beside us.

If there has been a constant theme over these many years that has prevented us from doing more  .  . . it would be the lack of financial resources and the amount of time it takes away from our actual "rescue work" to raise money and donations.

That said, we have long wanted to set up a "merch shop" to help more animals. So, here it is!  Our little "FOR THE RESCUE PUPS" shop raising money for our rescue work with your help.  Every single purchase will help a dog and a non profit animal rescue in need. We donate 25% of our proceeds back to local, small animal rescues.  Each month we list at the top of our home page the organization that we are helping.

We hope you'll SHOP AND SHARE our story.  Thank you!



If you're interested to read more about our journey and how we've been able to help animals in other ways, we are sharing below.

In a path we never thought we'd take.... with the guidance of several amazing animal rights attorneys we have been part of several important legal cases. We sued the Los Angeles County Shelter System for their random killing of dogs with no history of aggression, yet killed for behavior issues. Issues that included being terrified or protective of food.  These shelter workers and management would not take the time consider how terrifying a shelter can be or who may not have been fed regularly for long time.

Shelters all across our state were clearly violation California's Hayden laws, designed to protect animals in shelters from unnecessary killing. Our case went to the Circuit of California from the lower court.  A panel of three judges said we were right!  Yet, LA County and their partners spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and tried to have the case overturned in the California Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court of California declined to review the case and we prevailed. It is now a published ruling.  We can't help but wonder how that money could have been used to actually help so many animals. Although we prevailed, the Judge did not award a single penny to our attorney, or for our costs, while Los Angeles County fought the welfare of the animals with a blank check.

We've also been part of the movement to hold several local dog abusers accountable by filing lawsuits and obtaining an injunction against them.

Currently we are working to advance laws that protect animals in shelters. Bowie's Law failed last year, but we are currently working on Shelter Transparency Act that is now in committee in the California legislature.  Sadly, in mid May the California Assembly was swayed by shelter "experts" and declared no transparency is needed? We will continue to fight for the rights of animals who find themselves on death row. 

Small rescues focus their resources directly to animals.  While many of the donations that go to the "big box" organizations are spent on admin, legal fees, salaries, fund raising, rent and advertising and enormous savings accounts. They stock pile at the end of every year.... millions actually.  They say the are saving for a rainy day.  In case anyone hasn't noticed, it's raining cats and dogs right now!  We are in a crises in the shelter system. Sometimes it feels like the animals are just an after thought.  Two things we know for sure about these big box organizations, one, they are not doing everything they could to help spay and neuter animals, and two, they are not showing up at the high kill shelters saving dogs!


Again, we hope you'll SHOP AND HELP SAVE LIVES. 

Thank you!

Christine and Steve

We also accept tax deductible, charitable donations on our LuckyPupDogRescue.org if you'd like to help in that way.

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A big THANK YOU to our animal loving attorneys for all of their pro bono work on behalf of so many animals in need. 

Sheldon Eisenberg  Santa Monica, CA

Pease Law.org    Bryan and Parisa   San Diego, CA



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