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Fun, Funny and Happy Dog Themed Vinyl Stickers!

Fun, Funny and Happy Dog Themed Vinyl Stickers!

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Unleash some fun with our unique dog themed stickers! Perfect for showcasing your love for pups on notebooks, water bottles, computers, lockers and more. Great for gifts and to attach to birthday cards for your dog loving friends. Easy to add to any order.

For EACH sticker selection you make, we actually include 2 of the identical sticker.   

Mix and match. If you you are ordering "just stickers" choose 6 stickers you'll get free shipping, that's a savings of $3.99 on shipping.    Otherwise,  you can just add to your order if you have other items. 

Our stickers are 2-3 inches in size, square or round. Currently we only stock one single round sticker (be the person your dog thinks you are).  All of our stickers have a glossy finish.

DISCLAIMER: The stickers are a little tricky to separate from the backing, just need a little patience :) but well worth the trouble!!  but they WILL come apart and you will be able to place them.  They are designed in house and made by Sticky Brand in Vermont.  They call 'em "bomb proof" stickers because they are a thick, durable vinyl that resists scratches, water and sunlight.

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